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 Books related to Shukumine, Taido and Gensei-ryu

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PostSubject: Books related to Shukumine, Taido and Gensei-ryu   Fri 5 Oct - 10:28

Here is a list of books related to Seiken Shukumine, Taido, Gensei-ryu or Genwa-kai:

"Taido Gairon" by Seiken Shukumine, Ed.Gendai Shorin, 1988. This book had also been reedited by Taido honin, in japanese.

"Taido kyohan" by S.Shukumine and Mitsuo Kondo, 2 vol., Edited by Taido Honin, 2005, in japanese.

"Taido Hokei - jokan", Japanese Taido Association, in japanese.

"Shin Karate-do kyohan", by S.Shukumine, Ed.Bungeisha, 1964, in japanese.

"Karate-do tanren sankagetsu", S.Shukumine, Ed.Bungeisha, 1978, in japanese.

"Kenpu shukuya", Keihan Ono, Ed.by Japanese Taido Association, 1972, in japanese.

"Gensei-ryu Karate-do to Taido no sosaku wo kaerimiru", Koichi Taniguchi, 2005, in japanese.

"Gensei-ryu Karate-do kyohan 2", Kunihiko Tosa, Ed.Fukushodo, 1984, in japanese.

"Taido - Basic techniques and all In and Tai hokeis", by Finish Taido Association, 1999, in english.

"Okinawa Karate - Teachers, styles and secret techniques", Mark Bishop, Ed.Black, 1989, in english. Part related to S.Shukumine from p159 to p164.

"Unante - The secrets of Karate", by John Sells, Ed.Hawley, 2000 (2nd ed.), in english.

"Shinto-ryu mugen no jutsu - Busei Higa Seitoku no shingi", by Hirokazu Ishado, Ed.Bungei-sha, 2004 (This books, in japanese, is about Seitoku Higa and doesn't directly concern Seiken Shukumine or Taido but it contains some infos about Soko Kishimoto).

"Bugei ryûha daijiten - Zoho daikaitei (Dictionnary of Martial Arts Schools and Styles - Revised and Enlarged Edition)", by WATATANI Kiyoshi, YAMADA Tadashi, Tokyo Copy, 2003, in japanese. With short mentions on Gensei-ryu, Taido, Kishimoto and Takemura.
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Books related to Shukumine, Taido and Gensei-ryu
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